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Humbug Dascyllus at the Lighthouse, Red Sea dive site - Courtesy of Jenny Carlton-Smith

Octopus at the Lighthouse, Red Sea dive site - Courtesy of Jenny Carlton-Smith

Spanish dancer at the Lighthouse, Red Sea dive site - Courtesy of Peter Marosfalvi (Note the attendant on the head of the Spanish Dancer!)

Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

Reader Reviews:

Dive Site: Lighthouse

Location: Dahab, 2829.944N; 3431.182E

Description: Reef / shore / night dive

Depth: 15 metres (50 feet) - 35 metres max (115 feet)

Visibility: 15 - 30 metres (50 - 100 feet)

Rating: ****

The Lighthouse is so called as it is located near Dahab's lighthouse. Entrance is from the busy beach area, so it is important that you stow your belongings away rather then leaving them on the shore during your dive. On entrance look out for the frogfish located within the rope for the swimming area, they are always found in this location apparently!

The dive site follows the reef round, with pinnacles and reefs providing a good variety of life, we found a large octopus, morays, red sea walkman, crocodile fish and the usual assortment of fishies.

It also makes a nice shore dive at night. Very peaceful and quiet reef with all the beautiful reds that you don't see during the day. Fish out hunting included lionfish, squirrelfish and octopus and there were lots of fans and urchins. The last five minutes of the dive was done without torches to see the phosphorescence. We dived in full suits to avoid any scratches and stings from the unseen!

Jenny Pickles, BSAC Dive Leader

The Lighthouse is a very popular dive site in Dahab; it's perfect for teaching all levels, from open water to technical. As the Lighthouse is a site which has one of the easiest entries and exits and it is always sheltered from the wind, diving here is always possible. As you step in the water you will find a shallow sandy area that slowly drops off into a large grassy slope. Look out for seahorses and pegasus seamoths that generally occur in pairs. There is also a good chance to find the rare anglerfish.

On the left site the reef begins. The reef wall is similar to many that you will find in Dahab, it is common to see unicornfish and a small school or two of bar seabream. The reef wall is scattered over numerous sandy patches with enormous pinnacles rising from all directions, which disappear into the deep. Follow the reef wall and cruise over and between these pinnacles until you reach the saddle. Here you can always find some scorpion and crocodilefish and if you are lucky you might meet a stonefish. Cross the saddle and enter a coral garden that will end with a very large gorgonian fan coral. Swim around the last pinnacle and come back towards the reef wall where you will slowly ascend to the small sandy lagoon at around 5m. At night you will find Spanish dancers, anemone crabs, nudibranchs, octopus and moray eels.

Have done quite a few dives here. From entry point swim left and you will swim around the reef. Lots of snorkellers about as it's very close to shore. Whilst we were diving the local Bedouin kids threw tables and chairs into the water so make sure you keep away from the surface. Lots to see and an easy dive. If you turn right from the entry point away from the reef there are some hoops to practice swimming through and although no reef there is still quite a bit to see especially at night. Saw octopus, lots of sea urchins and loads and loads of lionfish. Pipefish galore, scorpionfish, sole, angel and damselfish a plenty. Good site for learning to dive.

Georgie, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Does anyone have an underwater map of lighhouse reef?

Julia Tabor | 03/01/2010

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